My Books Generated $50+ Million in Revenue

Now I'm Helping 10 Founders / CEOs Write Bestselling Books In Their Niche That Make Millions

My Books Generated
$50+ Million in Revenue

If You're A CEO / Founder Who Wants to "Bring Your Book Alive" To Inspire Customers & Grow Your Authority...

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Many founders & CEOs have a great book inside them, but feel like it's impossible to dedicate the time to write and publish a great one - even a "bible" for their niche! - that drives their business.

I wrote and published two books (and am writing two more now...) that sold hundreds of thousands of copies, while growing a family from 0 to 10 kids, and running a business of dozens of employees.

So I know something about how to create books that inspire readers in the midst of a heavy load.

There is an audience (your customers and prospects) that would love and value your book, no matter how many other books are out there.

Notice how every year, new cookbooks are released? There will never be enough cookbooks, because there are always changes in cooking and food, new niches, new insights and new personalities. The demand for cookbooks will only grow.

The same is for business & revenue books - the best ones are yet to be written, and the future needs more of them.

AI and tech are creating ever-more complexity, and thus ever-more niches and problems. So: there is an ever-growing need for more targeted, insightful, personable books - like the one you’ve thought about doing.

There are pivotal moments when a book goes from an idea or lifeless to… “alive”, changing it from a flat book few people will read or recommend, to one that inspires readers to buy and share.

When a book comes alive, it can be in a series of moments - like when it changes from “will this happen?” to “when will it happen?”

Like when you get a first reader who loves it.

Or when you nail a great title!

I help a handful of authors craft and write a kickass book, without letting time and busyness get in the way. Your book can turn from ideas to an artefact that engages readers and inspires them to share the ideas with others.

If you’re not getting word-of-mouth for your book, marketing it will be like pushing a boulder uphill -every day.

Getting the right people together in person, in the right environment, leads to huge breakthroughs in clarity, progress and partnership (leverage) you can’t achieve in your everyday routine.

Our authors are all from related business and revenue areas, making it faster and easier to get and test ideas around your book, whether around a title, contents, or marketing approaches.

The right book will set you on a path to making millions for your business.

Which doesn’t come from selling millions or even hundreds of thousands of books - but getting a few hundred, thousands or tens of thousands in the hands of the right people.

Write a book that will drive revenue and speaking opportunities (including paid ones!) for you for years...

  • Define a path to creating millions or deca-millions revenue with a business book

  • Nail an exciting title & compelling premise

  • Craft a Table Of Contents that engages readers and keeps them going

  • Relevant beta readers and feedback which are surprisingly hard to get

  • Get from 1) Notes to 2) a "Shitty First Draft" to 3) "Ready To Share Publicly" to 4) Published

  • Get help digging out your Personal Stories and writing compelling Case Studies

  • Introductions from Aaron and fellow authors in the group to potential clients, sponsors,

    interviews and speaking opportunities

  • Create killer content for your marketing engine & close new clients during this process

  • Roadmap to self-publication (usually the best place to begin)

Who’s A Part Of "Bringing Your Book Alive":

  • No more than 10 founder/CEOs who want to write a business book to drive their business, while creating an asset that will open up all kinds of new opportunities for the business and themselves

  • They will be working on a book related to revenue or growth, such as sales, revenue, go-to- market, ops, hiring etc. So the possibility of getting meaningful book feedback and relevant partnerships quickly will be high.

  • Aaron, of course 🙂

  • Occasional guests like prior authors and experts on writing, publishing and marketing

We'll work together for a year remotely, anchored by an in-person retreat in a gorgeous center in Scotland surrounded by forests & a waterfall....

Included During Our Year Together - "Bring Your Book Alive" Retreat

The goal of getting together isn't to get a lot of focused work done indoors in front of screens and whiteboards. It's to change our environment, strengthen relationships and creativity, hone our clarity and sharpness of the books' messaging, referrals and revenue plans.

A place to get back to nature with real people. To work more also with our hearts and hands, in addition to our heads. We've created a haven to recharge with hot saunas & hot tubs, cold water dips and waterfalls, conversation with interesting people, and fun activities like axe throwing, archery, yoga and horseback riding.